Ironically, Deep South Danes (DSD) was inspired by the opposite end of the canine spectrum — a 6-pound, 18-year-old Yorkie (Bodey) who passed peacefully in 2012 leaving his human distraught and lonely. Fortunately, professional Dane breeder Karen Kendall Lovett of Woodson Ridge Danes in Abbeville, Mississippi, stepped in and insisted on filling the gap with a beautiful 8-pound Great Dane pup who grew into a massive, near 200-pound beauty named Jack Reacher (pictured above) — our patriarch — who possesses the same gentle soul and beautiful attitude as his miniature predecessor. The rest is proverbial Great Dane history as the DSD pack began to grow in steps. Fast forward six years and indeed the pack has expanded to five; adding Reacher’s Blue daughter, Jackie (both pictured on our 'Photo Gallery' page); our new, crazy girl and next generation solid Blue, Abbey; a massive Merle male names Big John and lastly, our latest, a 1.5-year-old female Merle named Roxy. Roxy and Abbey have gracefully taken up the torch of our retired girls and we’re proud to pass this lineage on to a carefully select few. Our advice: do your homework and make sure you understand the amazing potential, the massive size and gentle disposition of these awesome dogs. Keep the DSD website bookmarked on your browser. We’ll hook you up. We’re committed to being here for the life of the Dane you select.


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