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Kicking off our gallery are photos featuring our amazing group of breeding Danes – male and female. These pups and adults are literally our life; socialized, healthy and fully AKC certified. Further information can be obtained about any of these Danes by contacting Jeff at 662-832-2959


Abbey is our SOLID 2-year-old Blue with zero white markings. She delivered her first litter October 2019 and her 2nd arrived June 2020. All of those pups were claimed quickly. What a bloodline!




Abbey's pups generally consist of solid Blue, Merle and Black pups (with a Harlequin thrown in here and there for good measure). She is one of the happiest Danes at our facility - full of life and as goofy as they come. Typical and constant Dane silliness.


Abbey and Big John are best friends and now partners for life as their first litter arrived June 2020.

ROXY - FEMALE MERLE - 1.5-years-old

ROXY is a TRIP! Born and raised at Deep South Danes, this massive beauty just delivered her first litter (1/28/2020) and is having another litter this August.

ROXY - FEMALE MERLE - 1.5-years-old

ROXY is FULL of personality and has definitely passed along her sleek, muscular stature to her pups. 

BIG JOHN is a 1.5-year-old male Merle acquired from the kennels of Woodson Ridge Danes and is the only breeding male at Deep South Danes. This muscular boy is expected to produce massive offspring for years to come. With a solidly built Merle/Brindle father and sweet and socialized Blue mother, his pups will absolutely prove to be outstanding. Stud services available. Contact Deep South Danes at 662-832-2959 for more information.

LOU - BORN 9/26/2019

LOU is our newest pack member and next generation Blue from the Kennels of Woodson Ridge Danes. Lou is a solid American Blue female - zero white patches - who oozes sweetness and promises years of loyalty and an exceptional bloodline. She's young and strong - a serious bonus to the Deep South Dane kennels. Who's a good girl?

GRACIE - BORN 9/11/2019

GRACIE GRACIE GRACIE! What a girl! Born and raised at Deep South Danes, this Piebald beauty will continue our Mantle/Piebald/Harlequin bloodline when she's of age. The ABSOLUTE sweetest girl on the planet, this beauty - born 9/11 - is sleek and muscular specimen who takes after her late Mantle mother, Lola.

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